V: The Original Miniseries

V The Original Miniseries. By Kenneth Johnson

“The alien visitors arrive without warning, their enormous spaceships hovering over fifty of the world´s biggest cities. Their tale of an imperiled home world beguile us. Their human appearance and soothing voices reassure us. Their calm promises of friendship and mutual aid lull us.

The aliens fool everyone-until a suspicious journalist and a Holocaust survivor point out the chilling signs that the Visitors aren´t nearly as friendly as they seem…..”

“If you are going to defy them, then do it right. You need a symbol…we all need one. We used this one.” He carefully sprayed a large V over the poster.

Abraham Bernstein, the Holocaust survivor shows the youth how to start defying and revolt against the visitors -V-The Original Miniseries.

By resistance1983


Poster one: Drawing of actor Andrew Prines rolefigure “Steven”, its one of a couple “Propaganda-posters” made for the Original Series.

Poster 2. “Our friends”….yep well you can´t take that to the bank!

Poster 3: It’s not so unlike what the nazis did  back in WW2, these posters are a bit “softer”, there are posters that are very “patriotic”, as seen in the old TV-Series that came after The Final Battle!

Will be posted here as soon as I get a picture..

And Poster 4: Dont need any comment on this one.

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V: The Second Generation

Takes place almost 25 years after the invasion.

From V: The Second Generation by Kenneth Johnson:

“Hiding their reptilian nature beneath  false human skin, the Visitors have brought many benefits to humankind and seduced  majority of the people to believing The Big Lie:

That they will be the saviors of Earth. But in truth they are draining our oceans and subjugating our people.

A small but determined human resistance has fought them for more than 20 years, but with more aid, their cause is hopeless.

Then at their darkest hour, the Resistance discovers startling new allies who have come to help….or have they?

 The cast that I would like to see:

Introducing: Amanda Tapping as DIANA

Mike Donovan-         Marc Singer

Juliet Parrish-            Faye Grant

Willie-                            Robert Englund

Martin-                           Frank Ashmore

Barbara-                        Jenny Neumann  (If Kenny miraculously finds out how)

Robert Maxwell-       Michael Durrell








To be continued on 🙂

By resistance1983